Our Improvement Season Program is for the “off season” or in between season competition athlete. This program is for competitors with the goal of reverse dieting, maintaining or building into their next show. This program is also a great option if you have been on a prolonged diet. You will work with Head Coach Jules or Coach Elle whether you are a beginner or advanced.

Program Includes:

  • Customized Nutrition Protocol (Flexible Dieting/Nutrition Concept)
  • Custom Weight & Cardio Training
  • Weekly Fitness Challenges
  • Goal Setting and Lifestyle Coaching
  • Weekly Check-Ins and Unlimited Email Communication with Coach Jules
  • Access to Private Team Facebook Group
  • Access to Team Education Series
If you have any questions at all please feel free to email us back: or call 508-654-9321 and ask to speak with Coach Jules.


BestFit Body Monthly Program Subscriptions renew automatically on a monthly basis subject to an initial three month minimum. Membership will automatically continue monthly and will be billed on your original billing date. This does not apply to the one time payments on some programs. Cancellations are effective for the next month after notification and confirmation of receipt by email to no less than 5 days before billing date.. Once payment is received (for any service) and set up on programming such as but not limited to Trainerize and/or ThePTAdvantage, there are NO REFUNDS.


There are no refunds of one-time set up fees or monthly subscription fees. Under limited circumstances, subject to BestFit Body’s sole discretion, monthly subscriptions may be put on hold temporarily (e.g., medical considerations). These will be honored on a case by case basis and held for no more than 30 days at the original purchase price. Hold and cancellations longer than 30 days return to programming will be subject to the current price offered for that program, if still available.

$ 199 /MO

One Time Set Up Fee: $129


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